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Business Class on China Airlines

Just as First Class on China Airlines differs depending on the aircraft – different cabin configurations and different seat styles in each – Business Class on China Airlines can differ as well.

The very nicest Business Class cabins on China Airlines are on the Airbus aircraft in the airline’s fleet – the Airbus A330-300 and the Airbus A340-300. In particular with the former, the seats look like First Class seats on many airlines and in fact it’s like a class somewhere between First and Business Class on China Airlines. With the latter, the Business Class cabin has the same kind of limited seating, although the seats themselves aren’t as luxurious.

On the list below you’ll find information about Business Class on China Airlines in the Airbus A330-300 aircraft – the highest level of Business Class that China Airlines offers – and underneath the list there’s additional information about the other levels of Business Class on different China Airlines aircraft.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats recline to more than 160-degrees (not horizontal with the floor)
  • Seats are semi-encased in plastic shells for increased privacy (especially when reclined)
  • Seat movements and ergonomic supports are electronically-controlled

Food & Beverages

  • Specially-prepared menus of Chinese, Japanese, or Western cuisine
  • Meals served on either fine bone china or Noritake tableware
  • Chinese style snacks available throughout the flight


  • Each seat has a personal 10.4″ interactive video monitor
  • On-demand entertainment includes movies, short features, video games, and audio programming
  • Each seat has a personal satellite phone
  • Each seat has a 110V power outlet for using laptops during flight

Other Amenities

  • Complimentary amenity kits include mouthwash, lip balm, cologne or perfume
  • Eye shades, slippers, and wool blankets are provided for incrased comfort while sleeping

In lower levels of China Airlines Business Class, you can expect quite a variation on the cabin configuration, seat design, and amenities.

On the Airbus A340-300, seats recline to just over 150-degrees and do not have the plastic shells for privacy. The menus are not as varied, but the entertainment options are essentially the same.

On the Boeing 747-400, there are two levels of Business Class. In level 1, the seats are roughly like what they are on the Airbus A340-300 – seats recline to between 150-160 degrees and are not surrounded by plastic shells, and the menus are less varied than in the highest level of Business Class. In level 2, the seats don’t even recline to 130-degrees and are much more like what you’d expect from Business Class on a domestic flight. The options with both menus and entertainment options are distinctly reduced.