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Business Class on Delta Air Lines

businessclass_airfareLike many airlines these days, Delta Air Lines has a couple levels of Business Class on their flights – and like most other airlines, the differentiation comes when you move from domestic flights to international flights. The international flights have more amenities and more comfortable seats (which is as it should be, really, considering how long some of those flights can be).

In 2009, Delta officially completed a merger with Northwest Airlines, so it may take awhile for the whole Northwest fleet to be switched to Delta’s livery and amenities. In the meantime, you may notice a combination of Northwest-logo and Delta-logo things being used together – but you should still expect a high level of service in Business Class overall, regardless.

Although there are different levels of Business Class on Delta, there are some similarities between the two. We’ll go over the higher level – called the Intercontinental BusinessElite Experience – in more detail first, and then cover some of the differences with the lower level – called the Transcontinental BusinessElite Experience – at the bottom of the page.

Seat & Bed

  • Fully flat (horizontal to the floor) seats on both 767-400D and 777-200LR aircraft, though the cabin configurations are different
  • Both configurations have some kind of screen to create a more private atmosphere for every passenger
  • Bedding features a full-sized pillow and a quilted comforter

Food & Beverages

  • Seasonal five-course meals, with one entree on each flight created by celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein
  • Selection of fine wines available on each flight
  • After-meal options include ice cream sundaes and cheese assortments


  • Personal entertainment system at every seat with on-demand library of 250 movies, 100 TV shows, and video games
  • On-demand entertainment includes 50 hours of HBO programming and kid-friendly shows
  • Laptop power port at every seat

Other Amenities

  • Complimentary amenity kit with toiletries
  • Beverage service in the BusinessElite cabin before departure

On Transcontinental BusinessElite, most of the amenities are the same as they are for international flights – including the celebrity chef-created entrees, the individual video/audio entertainment systems, and the laptop power ports at every seat. The seats don’t recline to a fully flat horizontal position, but they’re spacious and there’s plenty of legroom. Oh, and although the bedding is in the “premium” category, the pillows aren’t full-size.

top photo by Sarah_Ackerman