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Business Class on Iberia

biz_iberia2There are two levels of Business Class on Iberia – the standard Business Class, and the relatively new addition of Business Plus. Business Plus service is the top level, but it’s only available on Airbus A340 planes – so on all other airplanes you’ll still find the standard Business Class option.

In this article you’ll find details about Business Plus service first, and then at the bottom you’ll find information about what differences there are in the standard Business Class cabins.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats recline to a “lie-flat” position (not horizontal)
  • Seats are almost 25″ wide and become beds that are just over 6′ long
  • Small divider walls create a more private atmosphere from the aisle or the person next to you

Food & Beverages

  • Menu designed by Spanish chef Sergi Arola
  • Seasonal menus which incorporate typical Spanish recipes
  • Self-service bar available throughout the flight


  • Each seat has personal video screen with on-demand movies and TV shows
  • Audio library with a selection of CDs
  • Each seat has laptop connections so you can work during your flight
  • Video screen also gives you the option to send text messages in flight

Other Amenities

  • Pure wool blankets and large pillows available when you’re ready to sleep
  • Complimentary amenity kits with cosmetics and toiletries

biz_iberia3If you get on a flight with the regular Business Class cabins that aren’t considered “Business Plus,” you may be surprised to see that each seat section has three seats across it – meaning there’s a middle seat. A middle seat? In Business Class? Yes and no.

There are technically three seats in a row, but in Business Class Iberia doesn’t sell the middle seat – so you’ll have a full seat between you and the next passenger. That gives you a bit more room to move, and also provides a place to put your purse or personal belongings during the flight. Additionally, the seats in Business Class are more comfortable than the ones in coach. And most of the other services and amenities available in Business Plus are also available in Business Class.