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Business Class on Icelandair

biz_icelandairSometimes a special name for Business Class that’s in the language of where a particular airline is based can add a certain allure to what is already a premium class. Air France calling their Business Class cabin “Affaires,” for instance, can help make you feel like you’re in France even when you’re just on an airplane. But although Business Class on Icelandair is quite nice, the name “Saga Class” just brings to mind something endless that you might prefer wasn’t.

Since that connotation doesn’t accurately reflect the standard of service that Icelandair puts into its Business Class cabin, I’m going to refer to it as simply “Business Class” from here on out.

Business Class on Icelandair is more akin to what you might expect from Business Class on a domestic flight, rather than some of the over-the-top amenities big airlines are offering on long-haul flights these days, but the service is still substantially better than Economy Class.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats are 20″ wide
  • Passengers have 39″ of legroom
  • Seats recline further than in Economy, and have leg rests, but do not recline to a lie-flat or fully-flat position

Food & Beverages

  • Menu changes regularly throughout the year, includes several choices each day
  • Each menu features a “Catch of the Day” option, fresh fish from Iceland
  • Unlimited mixed drinks available for free
  • Selection of award-winning wines available


  • Each passenger gets a personal digi-player or built-in video player
  • Players have on-demand movies, TV shows, video games, and audio programming

Other Amenities

  • Passengers can relax in the Icelandair lounge or partner airline lounge, depending on airport
  • Seats have power outlets for charging/using laptops and other electronic devices