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Business Class on Korean Air

As it’s in the midst of an upgrade to its First Class seats and cabins, Korean Air is also upgrading its Business Class seats and cabins. The new “Prestige Sleeper Seat” reclines to a fully-flat position, which the old Business Class on Korean Air seats did not – this alone is a huge improvement, as any frequent traveler will tell you. Because the new seats haven’t been rolled out to every aircraft, however, you may find yourself on a plane with the old configuration – so the details about what you can expect there are listed at the bottom.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats recline to a fully-flat position (horizontal with the floor)
  • Seats are more than 21″ wide
  • Seats have electronically controlled back support and foot rests
  • Seats are partially-enclosed in plastic shells that provide extra privacy, especially when reclined

Food & Beverages

  • Meals created by Korean Air chef include Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western menu options
  • Selection of fine wines available on each flight
  • Meals served on fine tableware


  • Each seat has a personal 15.4″ LCD monitor
  • Monitors have on-demand video and audio programming, including 50+ movies, 50+ short documentaries, and 3000+ songs
  • Most aircraft have in-seat power outlets (you may need adapters for your plugs)

Other Amenities

  • Passengers on international flights get slippers to make their feet more comfortable
  • Flight attendants can provide wake up calls at any time requested

The old Business Class on Korean Air feature what is called the “Prestige Plus Seat” – it’s a great improvement over sitting in coach, to be sure, but if you’re expecting the Prestige Sleeper Seat outlined above you may be disappointed with this seat. It reclines to a lie-flat position, but not horizontal with the floor – and the angle of the seat is quite steep, making truly restful sleep something of a challenge. It’s the same width as the Prestige Sleeper Seat, and although the LCD monitor is a little smaller it still comes loaded with a wide assortment of on-demand audio and video programming.