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Business Class on Lufthansa

biz_lufthansa4In addition to being Germany’s national flag carrier, Lufthansa is also one of the world’s largest airlines. They offer short flights throughout Europe and also have lots of long-haul flights around the globe. As big as the company is, however, they have still paid attention to making sure their Business Class passengers are extremely comfortable.

When you talk about Business Class on Lufthansa you’re not just talking about one thing, however. As is the case with any airline that offers both short-haul domestic flights and long-haul international flights, there are different levels of service depending on the length of the flight.

Lufthansa’s Business Class on long-haul flights is, not surprisingly, the more luxurious of the two – so that’s the one we’ll cover in this article. At the bottom of the article you’ll find information about Business Class on short-haul flights so you know what to expect from those trips as well.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats are roughly 20″ wide
  • Seats recline to a lie-flat bed, not horizontal to the floor
  • Armrests retract fully for a more comfortable sleeping situation
  • Small retractable divider walls offer a bit of privacy, especially when reclined or sleeping

Food & Beverages

  • Menu designed by famed chefs
  • Menu changes every two months to reflect seasonal ingredients
  • Selection of fine wines available


  • Personal video screen with on-demand movies, TV shows, music channels, CDs, audio books, language courses, video games (programming includes international channels)
  • Power connection for laptop at every seat

Other Amenities

  • If you want to maximize sleep time, on some flights you can shorten dinner and take your breakfast with you “to go” to eat after landing
  • In-seat lumbar electronically-controlled massage feature
  • Complimentary amenity kits for children traveling in Business Class, including toiletries, earplugs, and socks

As is the case with Business Class on Iberia, the domestic version of Lufthansa’s Business Class doesn’t look nearly as luxe as the international version. For short-haul and medium-haul flights, the Lufthansa Business Class cabin looks more like a slightly more spacious coach cabin, in fact.

biz_lufthansa3You’ll notice that there are often three seats across a row instead of the more typical two in Business Class – but don’t be alarmed, no one will sit in that middle seat. In fact, there’s a specially-designed tray insert that goes into that third seat to act as a place for the two people on either side of it to rest drinks, food, and personal belongings during flight.

And on many Lufthansa Regional flights, if the rows are only two seats across, there won’t be anyone seated next to you, either – so you get to pick whether you want to sit on the aisle or the window, or even alternate during the flight.

You will get more legroom, better food, and more entertainment options even on domestic Business Class flights on Lufthansa. Seats don’t recline into flat positions, although for shorter flights you may not miss this feature much anyway.