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Business Class on Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc, the official flag-carrier airline of Morocco, does not have a First Class cabin on any of its flights. What it does have is two levels of Business Class. There is a fair amount of crossover when it comes to the names of the two classes, which makes things rather confusing, but whichever name you end up using Business Class on Royal Air Maroc is quite nice.

Royal Air Maroc talks about both Executive Class and Premium Class, both of which are used to describe Business Class on Royal Air Maroc. The former is for medium-haul flights, and the latter for long-haul flights. Perks of traveling on Royal Air Maroc’s Business Class (no matter what you call it), in addition to what you see on the list below, include expedited check-in and use of the airline’s aiport lounges.

In this list, we will focus on Business Class on Royal Air Maroc’s long-haul flights – otherwise known as Premium Class – with differences in Executive Class noted at the bottom of this article.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats are more spacious than in Economy (no mention on the airline’s website about how far they recline)
  • Extra space between the seats provides more room for working and relaxing

Food & Beverages

  • Five-course meals available
  • Three options for a main course, including one Moroccan and one “international”
  • Selection of both Moroccan and French wines available
  • Welcome beverages and snacks served upon boarding


  • Each seat has a personal video monitor
  • On-demand entertainment includes movies in French or English and audio entertainment
  • Games both “educational and distracting” are provided for children in flight

Other Amenities

  • Pillows, blankets, slippers, and eye masks are available on long-haul flights
  • Complimentary amenity kits are provided on long-haul overnight routes

In Executive Class – Royal Air Maroc’s Business Class for medium-haul flights – the biggest difference you might notice would be with the seats themselves. They are more akin to what you might expect from a domestic Business Class flight. Services and amenities are largely the same, although the medium-haul flights will not include things like the slippers and eye masks or amenity kits because they are not overnight flights.