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Business Class on Swiss International Airlines

Swiss International Airlines is one of the airlines that is slowly but surely redesigning their First Class cabins – and they’re upgrading their Business Class cabins, too. As is the case with most upper class cabins and levels of service on airlines around the world, Business Class on Swiss International Airlines also varies depending on whether you are flying overseas or staying within Europe.

In this article, then, we’re going to focus on the newly upgraded Business Class cabins, and on intercontinental flights. You will find information about what Business Class on Swiss International is like in the old cabin design as well as on flights within Europe underneath this list.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats on A330 and A340 recline to fully flat (horizontal with the floor)
  • Seats are 20-22″ wide and extend to 6.5′ as beds
  • Cabins include a permanent side-table at each seat, in addition to extended table for work or dining
  • Seats have integrated adjustable massage function
  • Seats have adjustable air cushions that can be changed from extra-firm to extra-soft (and anything between) for sitting and sleeping

Food & Beverages

  • Passengers get a welcome drink upon being seated, before the flight
  • Meal options include a full 5-course meal or a “quick meal” if you prefer
  • Snacks are served between meals whenever passengers want


  • Each seat has individual 16:9 video screen with on-demand movies, TV shows, and news
  • Seats have USB and iPod sockets

Other Amenities

  • Complimentary amenity kit includes socks, sleep mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, ear plugs, and toiletries by Valmont
  • Other toiletries (like shaving kits, nail files, combs, sewing kits, etc.) are available upon request
  • Business Class lavatories are equipped with hand lotion and perfume

Seats in most of the older Swiss Business Class cabins are lie-flat, but not fully flat – in other words, they recline to a flat position but remain at an angle rather than horizontal to the floor. These seats still have many of the same features of most upper class seats, including adjustable head rests and lumbar support, but fully flat seats are going to be a nice improvement.

Swiss Business Europe, for flights in Business Class within Europe, are more akin to what you would expect from domestic Business Class flights. The seats are decidedly larger and more comfortable than in coach, but they don’t recline to even a lie-flat position and the flights don’t have the same kind of amenities.

There’s a third option for Business Class on Swiss International, and it’s exclusively on direct flights from Zurich to Newark – it’s Swiss Business Jet, and all of the seats on the plane are Business Class. These flights are operated by a private jet company, so the service is even more exclusive than regular upper class service on any airline. Swiss Business Jet flights operate once a day, six days a week (not Saturdays).