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Business Class on United Airlines

biz_united3On many airlines, there’s a differentiation between services and cabin equipment in international as opposed to domestic Business Class. But even on International Business Class on United Airlines there are two different situations you could find yourself in. The determining factor is the aircraft you’re on.

The top level of Business Class on United is on the Boeing 747s and 767s. On Boeing 777s, the cabin equipment isn’t as luxurious. So in this article we’ll focus on the highest level of service and equipment. At the bottom, we’ll go over what you can expect from Business Class on a United 777 as well.

Business Class on Boeing 747s and 767s have what are called “Business Class Suites,” which are somewhat like train seats in that not all of them face forward. They’re also more ideal for people traveling together, as the person on the window seat is sort of trapped there when their aisle-seat seatmate decides to recline the whole way.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats are almost 24″ wide, and recline to a bed that’s more than 6′ long
  • Seats recline to a fully-flat position for sleeping
  • Housing the seat is it provides small divider walls for privacy when reclined or sleeping
  • Adjustable lumbar support & leg rests in each seat

Food & Beverages

  • 3-course meals, featuring choice of 3 entrees
  • Selection of fine wines & liqueurs
  • Menu designed by famed chef Charlie Trotter
  • On later flights to Europe, “Express Dine” is available so you can maximize sleep time


  • Personal 15″ video screen with on-demand selection of 9 video channels, plus as many as 19 audio channels
  • Noise-reducing headphones
  • On some flights, 20 stations of XM Satellite Radio & iPod adapters are available

Other Amenities

  • Complimentary amenity kits with skincare products by Murad
  • Beverage service in the cabin before take-off

In Boeing 777 aircraft, Business Class seats on United aren’t nearly as plush. Yes, they’re wide and spacious and recline much further than coach seats, but they don’t recline to a fully-flat position. They do have adjustable lumbar support and leg rests, and the entertainment and meal options are primarily the same, however.