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Business Jet Seats Incorporated Charter Seat Booking

Charter Jets seem to be all the rage these days in the world of business travel. I see a press release a week on the subject, and many companies are offering deals such as by-the-seat options and empty leg segments. While I think the whole charter industry is counter productive to the “green movement,” I pass along the information to those of you who may find it interesting. Business Jet Seats Incorporated is one of these companies, offering charter flights by-the-seat. The company claims their service is more affordable and greener than standard private jet options, which is a no-brainer. If people are SHARING the private jet rather than flying alone, obviously it is going to be more affordable (the cost is shared) and “greener” (the emissions are shared as well). By no means is this an environmentally friendly way to travel, but every company in the transportation industry is putting that sort of spin on their service right now. They know that.

BusinessJetSEATS offers customers the ability to book unused seats on charter flights.

“With our marketing strategy, operators offer all-inclusive prices, and because it is by-the-seat, it is always much more affordable compared with aircraft charter. The lower price is enabled mostly due to travelers agreeing to share the flight instead of flying alone. Easier reservation systems, and lower per-seat prices makes it possible.”

“For example, in air charter today three private planes may fly to the same place at around the same time with one or two passengers onboard. BusinessJetSEATS combines these passengers onto one aircraft. The total emissions, noise, CO2, fossil fuel consumed and airspace used in this case is reduced by two-thirds, while the passengers enjoy all the utility and convenience of a private flight. Now, it really isn’t a private flight if strangers are sharing the jet. What is this really? I think it’s just a new wave of small airlines operating small aircraft. Like regional jets but smaller.

You can go to for more information about the company. Keep in mind, BusinessJetSEATS does not operate the aircraft. It is a booking tool to put you on an aircraft operated by a FAA licensed carrier.