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Business Travel Advice: Tips from Our Archives

We’ve been featuring weekly interviews with business travelers for several months now on WhyGo Business Travel, with a two-part goal. First, we wanted to have a collection of insights from people whose jobs keep them on the go so that anyone hunting for a career that allows travel would have more potential job ideas – from travel writing to event planning to working as a Location Independent Professional. Second, we know that business travelers are some of the best travelers out there when it comes to time- and money-saving tips and we wanted to learn from the pros.

With more than six months’ worth of interviews up on the site now, we feel like we’ve done pretty well on both fronts – so much so that we collected some of our favorite advice from the interviews for a recent BootsnAll article on travel tips from business travelers. Taken individually, each interview has its own set of tips and advice – but collected into one article, it’s easy to see themes developing.

For instance, business travelers are big on loyalty. They’re the first to advocate joining and then sticking with one airline’s frequent flyer program and one hotel rewards program in order to earn miles/points faster and consequently reap the benefits more quickly.

Business travelers are also – unsurprisingly – carry-on enthusiasts. They have different reasons for not checking a bag when they travel, and some actually have no problems checking a bag in certain situations, but the overriding theme in the packing department is that most travelers really don’t need to bring so much with them on vacation. Even the women we interviewed – and, let’s face it, it’s women who are notorious for over-packing – are able to travel in style without bringing too many clothes or pairs of shoes.

There are lots of other great gems throughout the collection of tips, so we encourage you to read the whole BootsnAll article – and we’re curious to know whether you have any great travel tips to share. Does any of what our interviewees have said strike you as bad travel advice? Do you have a different way of doing something that you think is equally as helpful? We want to know! We’re still looking for business travelers to interview, so if you travel frequently for work (or know someone who does) and you’re interested in answering our questions, please let us know.

photo by joiseyshowaa