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Business Travel Daily Dose – 11.08.06

Snoop Dog1. Like the Wal-Mart version of a Snoop Dog CD. [‘Heroes’ and Horrors]

2. Prepare to be spammed on your cellphone if you use Yahoo mobile. [Yahoo to Deliver Banner Ads to Phones]

3. Need two phones? The Double Mint version of a cell phone. [EV-K170 Slider Phone Is Two Phones In One]

4. Like snuff for the bachelor party pictures. [Sorry, Nobody’s Saving You From Those Embarrassing Party Pics Online]

5. Thank goodness we’re not mice. Has PETA seen this article yet? [Chronic jet lag a killer for mice: researchers]

6. The ACTE gives the DL on WHTI at the MEC. [Canadian Travel Managers to learn more about WHTI at ACTE Canada Conference]