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Business Travel Daily Dose – 11.22.06

Healthy Food1. Trying to keep of the pounds while you travel? [Which Airport Has the Healthiest Food?]

2. Maximize the effect of your whining. [Everyone has a gripe … not everyone gets results]

3. Easier travel in China. [ Helps Executive Travelers Get Down To Business]

4. If you want a smart phone but you’re not a geek. [Palm Treo 680]

5. If they had this last year (along with booze) I might have stuck around to watch the ball drop. [Clean Toilets Hit Times Square]

6. A little something for being stuck between the lady with the crying baby and the guy who takes the armrest. [Stuck in the middle seat? Get a Wendy’s gift card]

7. Picking someone up in Detroit? [Second Cell Phone Waiting Area Opens at Detroit Metro Airport]