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Business Travel Daily Dose – 11.23.06

TurkeyHAPPY THANKSGIVING! Because today is turkey day is the US, there really isn’t much going on in the business world (and there won’t be until next Monday). This is the time of the year when business stops (except for the unfortunate people working at Walgreens, Wal-Mart and the Butterball turkey hotline) and overeating and football watching take over. Here’s what I could find:

1. I LOVE this place. [S.C.’s South of the Border: Old-fashioned Americana] (Okay, it isn’t REALLY business travel related, but if you pass by Dillon you HAVE to check it out)

2. “Make frequent flyer programs more transparent.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. [Report hits airlines over late service, loyalty programs]

3. Need a place to vent about horrid airline service? [™ Takes Off! Blog Website Offers Organized and Informative Airline Passenger Complaints, Criticisms, Kvetches, and Counsel]