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Business Travel Daily Dose – 11.27.06

Business TravelI know it sucks to be back at work after the long weekend. Good luck out there.

1. Many of us don’t bother getting travel insurance, but it may be worth the cost. [Travel Insurance Guide]

2. With the light jet industry growing, this may be an issue in every state in the next few years. [Smaller airports see big growth]

3. Laptop seizure rules at US border crossings still in effect. [Laptops on border create a conundrum]

4. If you work on a non-standard per diem rate or if your company has price caps for hotels, make sure they know the inflation rate for the hotel industry is much higher than everything else in the economy. My old boss had a set rate in place for 4 years. It was REALLY difficult for me to find a decent place to stay the last year. [Be our guest — but it won’t be for less]

5. You don’t want to print out your Mapquest maps on this stuff, but I LOVE it! [Xerox Seeks Erasable Form of Paper for Copiers]