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Business Travel Daily Dose – 12.05.06

Deer1. Is he a road warrior or a crafty hunter? [Traveling salesman from Glendale rides trusty vehicle to extraordinary milestone]

2. Carson Wagonlit is updating its travel tools. [Enhanced Version of CWT Freedom Delivers Travel Itinerary Information to More Desktop Calendars and Mobile Devices]

3. Microsoft is promising good things for business travel. [Vista’s arrival promises a ‘business transformation’]

4. The people have spoken. This is another variation of the “best of” articles I see every day, but it lists them all. [Business Traveler Magazine’s 2006 Readers’ Choice Best in Business Travel Awards Announced]

5. I’d never actually heard the term “interlining,” but this is good news. [IATA Sets Interlined Fares: Extends Lifeline As European Commission Ends Tariff Conferences]