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Business Travel Gift-Giving

While you’re most likely to see gift guides come out right before the Christmas holidays, business travelers know that they’re handy year-round. Many businesses still make a habit of giving gifts to clients and customers, and thankfully not all of them still hand out ballpoint pens anymore.

When you’re looking for the perfect things on which to stamp your company’s logo and give to clients, keep in mind that many of them are probably business travelers, too – so finding items that are handy travel tools is an added bonus.

Among the many gifts for travelers are some that you don’t have to be a technophile to love. Everyone seems to have a smartphone these days, and business travelers more so than most. While business travelers still opt for BlackBerry more often than iPhone, they may still have an iPhone as a personal phone.

They’ve turned out to be pretty handy travel tools, helping us search for and book cheap tickets on the go and – oh, by the way – looking up the weather in New Zealand just for fun. You may not be able to stick your logo on an iPhone app, but you can certainly do it on an iPhone case – any one of these best iPhone travel cases is a good option for durability.

Even business travelers who aren’t taking around the world trips but are simply flying back and forth to Palo Alto every month can appreciate tech travel gifts like iPod speaker cases, USB chargers, and external hard drives. And of course in our own round-up of business gift ideas there are a few travel items on the list, too.

What are some of the best business gifts you’ve ever given or received?

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