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Business Travel Logue Resource Guide – Beijing China

So you’re going to Beijing for work and you’re not sure what to expect?

As several airlines, including American, Continental, Northwest and US Airways, are duking it out for the right to add a daily flight direct from the US, you options may be expanding here. You’ll fly in to Beijing Capital International Airport.

Before you leave, check the health info at the CDC Page and check with your travel doctor for any vaccinations you may need.

Gets some tips and stories from BootsnAll.

Afraid your cell phone won’t work and you haven’t invested in a Skype phone? Check with your service provider to be sure. If not, it’s possible to rent a phone.

Don’t want to offend anyone? Learn the local etiquette.

Company hasn’t made your hotel reservations? You can get them here.

Looking for an authentic gift? How do you know your purchase is hand crafted and not mass produced some place in Taiwan? Maybe you should buy a kite.