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Business Travel Logue Resource Guide – Singapore

So you’re going to Singapore for work and you’re not sure what to expect?

From most international destinations, you’ll be flying in to Changi Airport. Flight prices vary pretty significantly based on airline, so be sure to check around.

Before you leave, check the health info at the CDC Page and check with your travel doctor for any vaccinations you may need and updated health information.

The currency is the Singapore dollar, you can check conversion rates with

Gets some tips and stories from BootsnAll, especially the Singapore Nuts and Bolts.

Don’t want to offend anyone? Learn the local business etiquette.

Don’t want to go to jail? Check the local laws. With fines soaring above 1000 Singapore Dollars, you don’t want to be caught smoking in public or littering. This is one place where you need to mind your P’s and Q’s.

If your company hasn’t made your hotel reservations, you can get them here.

For visa information, check with the appropriate embassy. There are several options available for business visa, ranging from visas meant for professionals relocating to the area to a training visiting pass, so be sure to get the correct one.

Be sure to pack appropriately for the weather. With a humid tropical climate and rainy season in the winter, you may want to re-think taking your wool power suit.