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Restaurant Review: Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs, Co.

Beau Jo's*Location: Idaho Springs, Co.
* Open For: Lunch, Dinner
* Under Review: Dinner
* Category: Casual
* Price Range: Medium
* Fare: Pizza
* This meal cost $10 – $15 per person.
* Including tip? Yes
* Including wine? No
* Food Score (out of 10): 7
* Service Score (out of 10): 8
* Reservations: No
* BT Blog Recommends?: Definitely
* Booking Information:

1517 Miner Street
Idaho Springs, CO 80452
PH: (303) 567-4376

* Other Information: Nope
* Also Reviewed In: Yahoo! Travel
* Review: Beau Jo’s is the perfect place to head after a long day (or afternoon) on the slopes. It’s between Copper Mountain and your return trip to Denver, so you don’t even have to go out of your way. They serve up really yummy pizza pies with built in desert.