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Restaurant Review: McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida

* Location: Pensacola, Florida
* Open For: Lunch, Dinner
* Under Review: Dinner
* Category: Casual (Everything is on the coast)
* Price Range: Medium
* Fare: Irish/Steakhouse
* This meal cost $15 – $25 per person.
* Including tip? Yes
* Food Score (out of 10): 10
* Service Score (out of 10): 9
* Reservations: No
* BT Blog Recommends?: AWESOME!!
* Booking Information:

600 E. Gregory Street
Pensacola, Florida
(904) 433-6789

* Other Information: website
* Also Reviewed In: Recommended by Mobil and AAA
* Review: The steak and mushroom pie (in red wine sauce) will give you a reason to live. And I just found out there is a cookbook available so I can have it more often than my infrequent trips to the panhandle. I know when you get near the coast seafood is the first thought and believe me there are TONS of great seafood places in the area. But McGuire’s just shouldn’t be missed. With a diverse menu (including the sought after seafood), microbrewery and approximately 450 wine selections, you’re sure to fall in love like I have. McGuire’s has been voted one of the top 10 restaurants in Florida for the last several years for a reason.

I’ve got to say, it’s almost worth the 10 hour drive to get that pie.