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Business Travel Logue Daily Dose – 11.14.06

ConferenceDon’t get to do a lot of business travel? Try persuading your boss to send you to a conference. [Confabb Targets Conference Junkies]

For the road warriors, your car will listen the way your boyfriend never would. [Listening to Your Car]

Another scary law in Singapore. [When In Singapore Make Sure To Turn Off WiFi Network Autodiscovery]

I wish I would have had travel insurance when I got robbed in Lima. [Me — Buy Travel Insurance?’ Ten Reasons Travelers are Glad They Did, from Industry Expert Travel Insurance Services]

$12.95 for internet service, but it comes with FREE spam. [This time, Marriott has gone too far]

For the rainy season. [NanoNuno umbrella featured in Time’s Best Inventions 2006]