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Business Travel May Cost More in 2011

Frequent travelers may be in for some bad news in early 2011. According to the experts, airfares are expected to rise anywhere from 3.5-5% over the next 12 months. The root of the rising prices is the higher cost of oil, for which some airlines are adding an extra $5-$10 to each way’s base fare. Prices have already begun to rise with one way fares going up 6% this quarter compared to last year and one-way international fares going up 8%.

Of course, even if you can find cheap flights to your destination, the added fees and surcharges may take your ticket from a budget fare to a budget-buster.  Check our guide to airline fees and you’ll immediately see how the fares can add up.

The most obvious (and annoying) fee is for checked luggage. If you’re flying Spirit, prepare to be even more annoyed though, as they now even charge for carryon bags to be brought aboard! The fees don’t stop there. If you want to eat or drink on board, watch a movie, get some work done with wifi, snuggle up with a blanket, and even pre-select a seat, you’ll end up paying more overall for your flight.

Those who can deal with a “no-perks” flight can avoid most of the fees though. Opt for carryon only, bring a snack to eat and a book to read, and come prepared with your own travel pillow and blanket, and you may be able to arrive at your destination without incurring any extra fees.

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