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Business Travel News – 11.07.06

Pigs FlyI’ve been to West Point and I’m SO not surprised. [Man Fined for Tossing Pig at Hotel] He’s still pissed because the Razorbacks DESTROYED Mississippi.

Porn for business travelers. [Airpower] (Really, it’s Flickr photos of airport power outlets 🙂 )

FREE WI-FI AT THE HONG KONG AIRPORT. [Hong Kong Int’l Airport Debuts Free Wi-Fi]

This is a test it would be pricey to flunk. [Homeland Security assigns terror scores to travelers]

For a little luxury when working on your laptop in the hotel. [Heated USB Slippers Go ‘Dual Core’]

Nothing like standing at the curb for 20 minutes waiting for your shuttle. [Park ‘N Fly, Return ‘N Wait]

Employers aren’t too bright about expenses sometimes. [44 dollar breakfast (part two)]