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Business Travel News – 12.15.06

Stevo1. It’s like being woken up by an episode of Jackass. [Japanese Extreme Wake Up Service Vacuums Your Face, Shoves Wasabi Up Your Nose]

2. Athletic minded traveler has published a list of the best hotel gyms. And here I thought they all sucked equally. [2006 Best Hotel Gyms in the U.S.] This is an all around cool site for fitness junkies.

3. Sheraton is offering a book borrowing/purchasing program in some hotels. [Bookends by Sheraton]

4. Park N’ Fly is offering a new parking location in San Diego. [San Diego Airport Parking by Park ‘N Fly]

5. Car rental taxes are still ridiculously expensive. [Car Rental Taxes Continue To Rise]

6. This “Superjumbo” will be the largest plane in the WORLD. [Double-Decker Airplane Takes Flight]

7. Fine dining in Birmingham? That’s kind of hard to swallow. [Birmingham Has a Lot on Its Plates These Days]