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Business Travel Resource Guide – Bangkok, Thailand

So you’re going to Bangkok for work and you’re not sure what to expect? First of all, I LOVE Thailand and I’m a little jealous. Here are some tips.

From most international destinations, you’ll be flying in to the spanking new Suvarnabhumi Airport, 30km east of Bangkok. You can get a “Limo” at the airport, which will be a taxi not a limo. Larger hotels provide service at rates slightly lower than those offered at the airport. A little weird thing that will happen in Thailand that you’d never encounter in the states – you’ll have to pay the tolls for your taxi.

Before you leave, check the health info at the CDC Page and check with your travel doctor for any vaccinations you may need and updated health information. You will need malaria medication and a Thyphoid fever shot. I’ve taken the once a week Larium on trips in the past. Neither are required for entry, but definitely a good idea. You can find a certified travel doctor by contacting the health department in your state.

The currency is the Baht, you can check conversion rates here.

Gets some tips and stories from real travelers at BootsnAll. You can check the Bangkok Post for local news in English.

If your company hasn’t made your hotel reservations, you can get them here.

For visa information, check with the appropriate embassy. You don’t need one to travel from the US, but of-course you need your passport. Thailand is part of APEC. If you travel there often, it may be worth your while to become a member.

Be sure to pack appropriately for the weather. Thailand is steamy year round, so leave your wool suits at home. During the northern hemisphere summer, packing an umbrella is advised.

Here’s a weird factoid – You now have to be 25 to buy booze. If you want to drink on a budget, a fifth of Thai whiskey is about four US dollars at the 7-11. If you’re more of a beer fan, Singha is the way to go.

If you do take some time to visit the tourist destinations, don’t listen to directions given to you by friendly strangers on the street. People will try to misdirect tourists away from the sought after tourist destination and in to a silk shop or some other retailer. They aren’t trying to harm you, they get commission by bringing in business. If you want to be polite, when someone tells you “Wat Po is closed for lunch time” just tell them you want to go see the outside.