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Business Travel Resource Guide – Barcelona, Spain

So you’re going to Barcelona for work and you’re not sure what to expect? Here are some tips.

From most international destinations, you’ll be flying in to the Aeropuerto de Barcelona, 13km from the city center. The airport is well connected to the rest of the city with trains, taxis and car rental available.

Before you leave, check the health info at the CDC Page and check with your travel doctor for any vaccinations that may be recomended and updated health information. If you’re traveling from the US or Canada you won’t have any problems.

The currency is the Euro, which is the standard in the European Union You can check conversion rates here.

Gets some tips and stories from real travelers at BootsnAll. You can check Catalan Today for local news in English.

Don’t want to offend anyone? Check out some tips for Spanish business culture.

The official language of Barcelona is Catalan. Most people speak Castillian, so your Intermediate Spanish II should work for you. English is not widely spoken, so if you don’t habla espanol take a dictionary.

If your company hasn’t made your hotel reservations, you can get them here.

For great airfare deals, you can check with BootsnAll.

For visa information, check with the appropriate embassy. You don’t need one to travel from the US, but of-course you need your passport. Spain is part of the EU, so if you’re traveling to several member countries you’ll only need to deal with customs once.