Travel Tips

How to get there, how to get around, where to find stuff and how to ask for it. These are tips from the local insider to make your stay here a breeze

Work and Travel – Making the Leap

Travel lovers around the world have dreamed about combining their love of travel with work, but how does one make the leap from cubicle dweller to a job involving travel? With the increasing availability of internet in even the most remote of places (you can get online in the middle of hiking the Inca Trail in the Andes), it’s becoming […]

Bothered about doing business in Germany?

Clinching a business deal can be nerve-wracking at the best of times – but when doing so in a foreign country it can seem like an unnecessary nightmare. That’s because every country has its own unique methods of conducting business. In addition, you’ve to negotiate the transport system, hope you’ve been booked into a decent hotel, and can actually converse […]

Los Angeles Airport Hotels for Business Travelers

The Los Angeles International Airport, also known as LAX, and the busiest airport in California, is just over 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It has eight terminals and has shuttles to the major hotels near the airport. Numerous Los Angeles Hotels provide a free shuttle to the airport and the Park and Fly programs that offer up to 2 […]

Business Travel Advice: Tips from Our Archives

We’ve been featuring weekly interviews with business travelers for several months now on WhyGo Business Travel, with a two-part goal. First, we wanted to have a collection of insights from people whose jobs keep them on the go so that anyone hunting for a career that allows travel would have more potential job ideas – from travel writing to event […]

Packing Light: Not Just a Business Travel Trick

Since we started the new “Business Traveler Interview” series here at WhyGo Business, one thing keeps coming up among the many tips that frequent travelers have on offer – and that’s the idea of packing light. It’s a concept most business travelers are familiar with, and something most travelers aspire to – but as most of us know, it’s often […]

Business Travel May Cost More in 2011

Frequent travelers may be in for some bad news in early 2011. According to the experts, airfares are expected to rise anywhere from 3.5-5% over the next 12 months. The root of the rising prices is the higher cost of oil, for which some airlines are adding an extra $5-$10 to each way’s base fare. Prices have already begun to […]

Combatting a Fear of Flying

Being a frequent business traveler does not necessarily mean that you love traveling. It simply means that you have to do a lot of it – so if you have a fear of flying, that can be really problematic. Certainly, there are other ways to get around when you’re a business traveler, but unless you fancy long hours in the […]