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Centennial Park: Nashville, Tennessee

I wish I would have looked in to this location a little more before my most recent trip to Nashville. Located near the Vandy Campus, this park is exactly what you need for a little urban R and R.

ParthenonThe big centerpiece of the park is a full scale model of the Parthenon. I’ve been to the real Parthenon, it’s a good model except it’s all in one piece. Inside the Parthenon is a statue of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, measuring in at over 40 feet tall. That’s a lot of wisdom. Also inside is the Nashville Art Museum. As with most museums, you’ll need to leave your sandwich and backpack in the car. Normal hours are 9:00 to 4:30 with an admission price of $5.00.

The park is full of dog walker, joggers and boys playing touch football. I would definitely have been a walker/jogger if I would have known this little gem existed 2 miles from downtown. Next time I’m in Nashville, you’ll find me in the park between work-time and fun-time. I’m told it is also a Wi-Fi enabled park, which means future posts may be coming from there. In late summer, they have Shakespeare in the Park if that’s your thing.

This is in a great area of the city with lots of local eating and watering holes, including Rumba. You can just drive around West End drive and pick a place and it will probably be good.

Donde? 2600 West End Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee