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Chase TravelPlus Visa Card

Chae TravelPlus VisaChase TravelPlus® Visa® Card is an ideal airline mileage credit card for the customers with excellent or good credit, who are looking to be rewarded for their travel-related purchases. This flexible rewards Visa credit card from Chase is any shopper’s dream especially if they travel a lot.

Quick facts:

  • Our Rating: A
  • Interest Rate: 9.99%.
  • Earning Rewards: 2 miles per dollar at travel establishments and 1 mile per dollar everywhere else
  • Reward Options: Book travel, order gift cards, cash rebate, and more.

Chase TravelPlus® Visa® Card combines, in a unique way, the fees, rates and rewards. There isn’t any annual fee and the APR is 9.99%. The grace period for payment of purchase balance is at least 20 days. The international transaction fee is 3% of the US dollar amount of transaction.

The only “catch” to it is that you need to have a favorable rating and hence a high FICO store. Of course you need to have faultless payment history and a rather high credit limit. If you have filed for bankruptcy you cannot get this card, until the bankruptcy is off your record. So make sure to pay attention to your credit report before you apply for the Chase TravelPlus® Visa® Card.

Each time you use the card on line to purchase at retail locations that classify their merchant location for Visa/MasterCard as an airline, car rental agency, or a lodging establishment, you get 2 miles for each $1 spent. On all other purchases you get 1 mile for each dollar spent. There is no maximum number of miles you can earn and the bank also offers an annual rewards fee of $29. You can redeem the miles earned for airline tickets, cash, gift cards and many more.

If the Chase TravelPlus Visa card isn’t the one for you, read about the many other many other options in both travel rewards and airmile credit cards.