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Choosing a Laptop Case

The following article was submitted to me by the nice people at, a website that provides name brand travel gear to business travelers such as yourselves. Read ahead to learn more about the different laptop cases available to you.

Choosing a laptop bag is a personal choice. There are hundreds on the market that range from stylish laptop cases for executives and business professionals, backpacks for comfortable travel, and practical messenger bags for casual commuters.

With more people than ever carrying their computers between the home and office, when searching for a stylish laptop bag there are so many choices available to you. In this article we help you weigh up these options and help you choose the perfect laptop back for your needs.

Laptop Backpacks

With the desire to have everything portable, laptop backpacks have become extremely popular in today’s market.

There are so many different styles and designs on offer, and this is why laptop backpacks have become ideal for both casual and professional travel.

For the professional traveller, the laptop backpack can be a more relaxed, yet smart alternative to the basic computer case. Made from tasteful leather or durable nylon, the functional designs of many laptop backbacks ensure you will feel comfortable in either casual or professional settings. Whatss more, if you’re often required to stay overnight during your business commutes these bags are often spacious enough to double as an overnight bag.

For the casual traveller there are various manufactures that offer different styles of laptop bags and rucksacks. Timberland’s sporty range of laptop backpacks are made of durable nylon and often have extra gadget pockets for storing portable MP3 players, mobile phones or laptop accessories.

Messenger Bags

If style, practicality and organisation are important to you, the sleek messenger bag is ideal.

Since various manufacturers produce messenger bags, all with their own unique style, this type of bag is ideal whether you want it for professional or casual use.

Timberland messenger bags (pictured right), for example, are often made from durable nylon and are popular with those seeking a more casual appearance. They can be a great way to carry your laptop without broadcasting to everyone what you may have inside.

At the other end of the spectrum, Knomo find a stylish and classical medium with their Messenger bags. Made from luxurious leather these are often a favourite with business commuters. You’ll find features such as compartments designed to hold documents, digital music players, mobile phones and more.

Computer Cases & Trolleys

Laptop computer trolleys are the ideal solution for travelling business executives. Available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the various laptop brands, laptop trolleys are specifically designed to meet all airline standards for carry-on luggage.

A rolling laptop case with a secure outer shell is a great solution for keeping your notebook protected during busy commutes, especially if they’re often in and out of overhead compartments.

Ladies Laptop Cases

Women no longer need to sacrifice style for practicality or functionality.

Great for business or pleasure, ladies laptop cases are designed for both your laptop and those essential accessories like lipstick and mascara.

Knomo offer a fantastic range of laptop bags for ladies; in red (pictured right), tan and black.

Computer Briefcases

Computer briefcases provide excellent protection for your computer either on the road or during the daily commute.

With details such as a phone case, pen loops, top handles as well as shoulder straps, laptop briefcases are easily accessible and ensure you’ll be well organized.

Buying online or offline

Undoubtedly, the best variety of stylish laptop bags can be found online. While offline luggage stores offer more conservative designs of laptop cases and laptop bags, online stores and companies diversify their product portfolios.

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