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Citizen M Amsterdam Airport Free Rooms

Citizen M is the hugely anticipated new hotel opening at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport. It is promising travelers a unique design and great amenities (like free wi-fi and movie channels), luxury at a reasonable cost. Reservations will only be available online, which, face it, is the way the world is headed anyway.

The hotel is giving away 100 free rooms to lucky guests. How do you win? There are two ways to give it a go.

First, you can become a “citizen.” Every 100th person who registers to become a “citizen” on the website will receive a free night at the hotel. Membership lets you get involved with the forum and you can receive special offers from the hotel.

Second, you can get involved in the website’s forum. The writer of every 100th post to the Citizen Community forums.

Way easier than searching for golden tickets in chocolate bars.

If you’re travels are taking you to Amsterdam in the near future, this may be a good way to score a few free hotel nights. Or even just open your eyes to a cool new place to stay in the city.