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Clear Registered Traveler Lanes at SFO

Clear recently announced the opening of its express security lanes at both domestic terminals at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Last month, the Clear enrollment stations at the airport was opened, and applications for membership soared into the thousands.

Now, with the launch of the SFO lanes, members who fly between New York and San Francisco can use their Clear cards through security from coast to coast on the heavily-traveled route on United Airlines at JFK Terminal 7 and SFO Terminal 3.

The Clear lanes are open to all travelers out of SFO’s Terminal 1 from 4:30AM-12:00 midnight (B and C) and Terminal 3 from 4:30AM-12:00 midnight East) and 4:30AM-11:00PM (West). The Clear lanes in the International Terminal will open in mid-October, completing the airport’s rollout of the program — and enabling Virgin America travelers to use Clear on both legsof their coast to coast trips, too.