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CoGoJets Social Networking

CoGoJets is a new social networking site for people who want to split the cost of a private jet flight. It’s like Hitchsters for private planes! You get the benefit of private aviation, like avoiding the madhouse we in America call an airport and not having to worry about about where to stow your luggage. The CoGoJets website is available for members to coordinate travel times, dates and number of seats with other members. Once the parties reach an agreement, the members collectively book the jet and split the expense.

According to Jamie Walker, Founder and CEO of CoGo Jets, “CoGoJets was designed to service both business and leisure travelers. Having been in the industry for ten years I have been asked by numerous people, if they could pick up an empty seat or share a private jet to their destination.”

How does this work?

Members of CoGoJets book a private jet together, and split the cost based on the number of seats each party occupies. This little arrangement can save you up to 90% off the retail cost of private jet travel.


CoGoJets offers three levels of membership depending on the prospective member’s preference. I can’t find any information on the levels, so I imagine what they’re referring to is the pricing difference based on the size jet you’ll be using. CoGoJets is currently offering founding memberships for $500, an 80% discount off the annual membership fee of $2,500. Members have access to CoGoJets’ nationwide database of members available to share Light Jet, Midsize Jet and Heavy Jet flights.

Carbon Offsets

If you believe in carbon offsets, you can donate to Sustainable Travel International through the CoGoEco progam on a per flight basis.