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Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeur Service Hybrid Vehicles

Prius ChauffeurEvery day I read something about one rental car company or another getting hybrid vehicles. I’m still excited about the change, but it’s just getting to where it isn’t really newsworthy anymore. But this is the first time a Chauffeur company has added hybrid vehicles to its fleet. Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeur Transportation is a provider of business and leisure chauffeured transportation. The company just announced at the NBTA Convetion that they have added Toyota Prius Hybrid to their fleet of chauffeur driven vehicles.

“We are thrilled with the excitement we have received from the world’s top corporate travel executives attending NBTA,” said Commonwealth Worldwide CEO and Founder Dawson Rutter. “Many attendees explained to us that their company is GREEN and Commonwealth’s hybrid vehicles will now allow them to meet their business’ ethics. In business, travel, and leisure the movement toward environmentally-friendly solutions are growing quickly and we want to support this initiative by offering the most fuel efficient vehicles to our clients.”

According to the press release, Commonwealth Worldwide is the first premier chauffeured transportation provider in both Massachusetts and New York to introduce environmentally-friendly hybrid vehicles to its fleet of cars. Now, Commonwealth customers traveling in Boston and New York can enjoy chauffeured service in the best fuel efficient vehicle, the Toyota PRIUS Hybrid. A company started the same type of service in London at the beginning of June.

I personally can’t wait to see a chauffeur hop out of the driver’s seat of a Prius to open the door for a client. He He!