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Communilator Mobile Image Translator: Language Translation on Your Cell Phone

LanguagesBeginning in November, RantNetwork, Inc. will become the first company to offer foreign language text translation via camera phone. How does it work? Easy. You take a picture of any document, newspaper heading, sign or picture with text and Communilator translates the text into any of 16 currently available languages. Hindi is expected to be added in December of this year.

How great will this be for business travel? If you visit a country infrequently for business you may learn a few key phrases to “get by” while visiting. This allows users to translate potentially important information (like street signs) without needing to buy a dedicated translator. I bet this keeps at least a few people from getting lost in foreign lands.

As of now, the projected releases are for the European and Asian markets. No word of a U.S. release date.

In addition, mobile users will have the option of manually translating via handset. The application is said to be easily downloadable and resides directly on the desktop of the phone.

Via PRWeb.