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Airlines Accepting MaxJet Tickets

MaxJet, the now defunct all business class airline on the New York/London route, filed for bankruptcy and cancelled all flights on Christmas Eve. Great timing, MaxJet. If you have a MaxJet ticket, fear not. Both Continental Airlines and US Airways are accepting MaxJet tickets from now through January 6, 2007. MaxJet ticket holders will be placed on standby for travel between Los Angeles/Las Vegas/Newark and London’s Gatwick airport.

I’ve got to tell you, I fly Continental pretty frequently and their flights are often full. I hope you can actually redeem your MaxJet ticket on Continental, but you should probably have a backup plan in place. Otherwise you could end up stranded on the standby list for several days.

If you do attempt to travel on Continental, you will be charged a $50 per flight segment ticketing fee, plus any applicable taxes and security fees. That’s really a bargain when you consider the airline has no obligation to MaxJet customers and airlines often assess a similar fee just for changing your flight date or time. In addition, Continental will waive the current fuel service charge
normally required for Newark to London passengers.

In order to qualify for the special rate, you will need proof of your confirmed MaxJet ticket.

To reschedule your travel, contact Continental reservations at (800) 525-0280. More information is available at

US Airways is charging a $100 surcharge to fly standby, which looks more expensive than the Continental option. However, Continental is charging $50 per flight segment, so if you’re connecting from LA or Vegas through Newark, then you’ll be paying the same amount. US Airways is requiring a minimum of two segments, but the price is for a one-way fare so you’re covered.

You will have to provide proof of your MaxJet ticket to get the deal, so no funny business. Proof may include an e-ticket
confirmation letter, an e-ticket receipt, an e-ticket itinerary card or paper tickets printed by MAXjet. Photocopies will not be accepted.

US Airways standby tickets may be purchased at airport ticket counters or by calling US Airways reservations at 800-428-4322.