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Continental Airlines Paypal and E-Checkin

Continental Airlines is offering a couple of new options for travelers this fall, helping to make your travel arrangements a little less painful. The airline is now offering travelers the ability to pay with PayPal when purchasing flights through I’m not a big PayPal user myself, but this will most certainly be a good thing for some travelers. Customers have the ability use PayPal account balances, bank accounts, credit and debit cards through the PayPal program.

In addition, Continental is allowing passengers to check in for both their departing and return flights at the same time through the website. You can check in from your home or office and print your own boarding pass, as always. But now, you can also have your boarding pass faxed to you when you don’t have access to a printer by choosing the “Request Fax” option during the check-in process. Your boarding pass for your return trip faxed to your location as well. They’ve also been testing out SMS text message boarding passes, which I’m eagerly awaiting.

All good deals for the business traveler.