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Continental Airlines/American Express Business Travel Web

LogoContinental Airlines announced a new dedicated website for American Express Business Travel clients who use the corporate travel booking tool to check-in, reserve or update seat selections and print boarding passes for their Continental flights online.

The new website will function much like online check-in currently available by airlines. Ticket holders will be sent a check-in reminder by email within 24 hours of departure. The email links the traveler to the new Continental Airlines/American Express Business Travel Webpage where the passenger may check in for his or her flight. Boarding passes may be printed at this time. Like all online check in programs, this gives passengers the ability to bypass the airport check-in and go straight to the (probably LONG) security line.Amex

“This co-branded airline/travel management company Web site expedites the check-in process for American Express Business Travel clients,” said Monisa Cline, Continental’s staff vice president of North America sales. “Corporate travelers will receive personalized flight reminders and be able to check-in and print their boarding passes before heading to the airport, allowing them to go directly to security and the boarding gate.”

Way to go Continental and AmEx! Business people have enough to worry about on the road. Now checking in at the airport doesn’t have to be one of them. This will give AmEx Business Travel customers more incentive to use the program.