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Corporate Wasteland Forum Threads of the week of October 2, 2006

Check out these threads currently being discussed in the Corporate Wasteland forum on BootsnAll:

  • Missa25 asks the question many people who’ve got the travel bug ask: “Do you ever have to choose between ‘stuff’ and travel?” Zopa chimes in with her travel and work history, and how she’s balanced the work/travel equation. It’s a fabulous lesson for anyone who thinks they can’t afford to travel – Zopa’s here to prove you wrong! There are some great examples of the paths people take toward achieving their goals – it’s a thread everyone can learn from.
  • We’ve all heard of the “freshman 15,” but what about the “cube farm 15?” Ekogirl wants to know if she’s the only one who gained weight when she got a desk job. The answer is clear – she’s not! The good news is that people have posted their tricks for eating healthy and staying in shape in an environment that, let’s face it, doesn’t usually encourage that kind of thing.

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