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Daily Dose – 09-20

1. Going to Poland? Mike hearts the Hyatt in Warsaw. [Confused About Business Travel]

2. Expense management is going to start plaguing the corporations in China. [Adoption of Travel and Expense Management Tipped to Grow in China]

3. Need a place to call your own in Bangalore for a while? [Welcome to Homestead Bangalore]

4. Shiny new laptop. [Notebook Reviews: HP Compaq nx9420]

5. Everyone offers some sort of points, even credit card companies. [Credit Cards Offering Special Business Travel Points and Rewards]

6. Is searching for travel on-line going to get easier? [Search Service Proposed for `.travel’]

7. Going to need a guide in China? [Professional Interpreters/Local Guide for your business & Travel in China]

8. The brand spanking new Nano. [iPod Nano: Completely Remastered]