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Databasics ExpenSite and TRX RESX Integration

DATABASICS is a provider of expense reporting software, who has created a new expense reporting solution set to work with TRX’s RESX corporate online travel booking solution. The company will demonstrate the integration of its ExpenSite and RESX at the National Business Travel Association’s International Convention and Exposition in Boston, on July 22nd – 25th. The solution is designed to minimize data entry for travelers, while still providing the information travel managers need.

“What we are demonstrating here is that there’s nothing speculative or even particularly difficult about integrating best-of-breed expense reporting and on-line booking solutions. Both TRX/RESX and DATABASICS have open architectures and together, we developed our integration in less than two months,” observed Marcel Syriani, Chief Technology Officer, of DATABASICS. “Our goal and TRX’s has always been to empower the customer to pick the best-of-breed solution for each component of the expense management value chain, and our organizations have proven that organizations need not compromise their requirements or uproot successful systems to realize the benefits end-to-end travel management.”

Sounds exciting.

If you’re going to the NBTA Convention, you can visit DATABASICS at NBTA at Booth # 2048 and TRX at Booth # 1843.