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Delta SkyMiles and Northwest WorldPerks Joint Accounts

Those of you who have both Delta Air Lines SkyMiles and Northwest WorldPerks accounts will be happy to hear that you now have the ability to link the two and transfer miles between both for no charge. And if you link your accounts before March 15, 2009, you’ll even earn 500 bonus miles.

We all know Delta and Northwest are merging, and lots of folks out there have been concerned about what exactly is going to happen to their previously earned miles. From the looks of things, you balances will be kept in tact.

As of now, you can visit either or, link your accounts and then transfer any number of miles into either account on an unlimited basis. Both accounts will remain open and functioning separately until the end of this year when Delta plans to merge the two programs.

“The mileage-transfer feature enables our frequent flyer members to immediately enjoy both SkyMiles and WorldPerks redemption opportunities, including Award Tickets, upgrades, merchandise and experiences. We encourage them to link their accounts today,” said Jeff Robertson, Delta’s vice president of Loyalty Programs. “This marks yet another step toward aligning the two programs and offering more value to our combined members.”

The programs also recently announced that members may earn elite status by flying a designated number of flight segments on either Delta- or Northwest- operated flights. Additionally, SkyMiles and WorldPerks elite members continue to be eligible for complimentary First Class upgrades on both airlines’ flights.

The Fine Print

Only SkyMiles and WorldPerks miles can be transferred between accounts. Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM), Medallion Qualification Segments, Elite Qualification Miles (EQM) and Elite Qualification Segments, which are used to qualify for elite status, will not be immediately affected by linking or transferring, but will be combined when linked accounts are merged later this year. Elite status is currently recognized on both Delta and Northwest.

Complimentary upgrades are subject to availability and offered on most Delta and Northwest flights within or between the United States (excluding Hawaii), Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and northern South America. All SkyMiles program and WorldPerks program rules apply to SkyMiles and WorldPerks program membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption and travel benefits, respectively. To review the rules, please visit and