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DHL ShipRush – Ship Direct from Microsoft Outlook

DHL has introduced ShipRush for DHL, a software tool designed for people to ship directly from several popular software applications, including Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks and eBay. This software gives business travelers an easy and efficient way to ship items by seamlessly integrating with Outlook.

With ShipRush, you will be able to ship directly to contacts within Outlook without re-keying address data in a separate shipping system. ShipRush eliminates the need to copy and paste addresses or to export and import customer information in order to ship, which is really handy when you’re on the road and don’t have your support staff in tow.

“ShipRush for DHL was designed to integrate DHL’s shipping services with the applications customers already use,” said Keith Lovetro, executive vice president of Marketing for DHL. “We’re constantly looking at ways to make the shipping experience more convenient, and with ShipRush we’ve brought the speed and reliability of DHL services to integrate directly with the software applications most familiar to customers.”

ShipRush works with all DHL domestic Express and Ground shipments. In addition to printing a DHL shipping label directly from Outlook, you can use ShipRush to track and view shipments, print shipment activity reports, send automatic email notifications to recipients with the tracking number, and access discounted rates with a DHL account number. Woo Hoo.

For more information or a free download of the software go to