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Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

Travel InsuranceIn a word, yes. Much like any type of insurance, travel insurance can seem like a useless expense – until you need it. I was never pro-travel insurance, until I was robbed in Lima and wasn’t reimbursed for personal property or flights or passport reissue or anything else for that matter. Travel insurance is very important, whether it be medical, trip cancellation or property reimbursement. American medical plans often cover overseas travel, but won’t pay right away. The insured is responsible for initial payment, and the insurance company then reimburses the person. If you’re Donald Trump and can afford loads of out of pocket expenses, then maybe you don’t have to worry about travel insurance. But most of us do. BootsnAll offers a whole host of travel insurance packages to fit your specific need.

For information on specific types of insurance or policy information, visit the travel insurance portion of the BootsnAll mega-site.