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Earn Delta SkyMiles with SuperShuttle

Do you have to park at the airport or share a ride? Unless you’re in one of the few cities in the U.S. with decent mass transportation to the airport (like New York or Chicago) or you’re such a high roller you just have Jeeves drop you off, the answer is probably yes. That being the case, you’ll be excited to learn that you can now earn Delta Air Lines SkyMiles by using SuperShuttle’s ride share service from home, the office, or even your hotel. Miles may be earned in any one of the 29 airports in 24 cities served by SuperShuttle in the U.S.

How do you score the miles?

All you have to do is book your SuperShuttle ride online at and enter your SkyMiles number. You’ll earn 50 miles in each direction for riding SuperShuttle. Or if you prefer a different airline partner, SuperShuttle aslo has deals with US Airways, Northwest Airlines (which is practically Delta now anyway) and Frontier Airlines.

“SuperShuttle is the only true national airport shared-ride service in the country and we are pleased to be in partnership with Delta Airlines, who serves so many of our customers, said Ken Testani, senior vice-president of marketing and sales for SuperShuttle International. “We believe that offering frequent flyer miles is not only an additional incentive to book SuperShuttle reservations online, but also a reward for customers who know that sharing a SuperShuttle ride to and from the airport saves on gas, means fewer cars on the road and ultimately fewer greenhouse gas emissions.”