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ElleJet Aviation Solutions Empty Leg Flights

ElleJetElleJet Aviation Solutions is a company who provides a great service for business travelers. The company provides information on “empty legs” (or deadheads as they are known in the industry) of charter flights, that may be booked for a discounted price.

Charter flights are hired to pick a passenger up in one location and then deliver that person to the desired destination. If that passenger does not book a return flight with a quick turn-around time, the jet must then return to its base or fly to the airport in which it will next be hired. So the plane is flying “empty” without paying passengers. ElleJet will allow you to book those flight segments for a discounted price. The reasoning is that the plane has to get from Point A to Point B anyway, so why not make a few bucks along the way? And I couldn’t agree more.

The ElleJet website offers information on featured empty leg trips, as well as an empty leg search and a traditional charter flight search. You can compare and contrast the savings and convenience of traveling this way directly on the site.