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Emirates Inflight Showers?!

Singing in the ShowerEmirates, the luxurious airline, is starting a new service that not even Richard Branson has thought of. Beginning this October, Emirates will offer shower facilities to first class passengers on the Airbus A380 route between New York to Dubai.

In addition to hot steamy showers, first class customers will also enjoy double beds.

How much? A ticket with all the fixins’ will set you back 18 large. Yes, I mean $18,000. Most of us will never have a plane ticket with that many zeros, but I guess some people really want to take a shower.

I’m not sure how the shower facilities will work, and details aren’t very clear at this time. You know how long the wait can be for the bathroom, even in first class, so I can’t imagine standing around for 45 minutes waiting on some other passenger to get out of the shower.

So far, environmentalists despise the idea. Apparently, according to the London Times, the showers would require the planes to carry an extra TON of water for each flight, adding a “carbon cost” of 48,455 pounds for every round trip flight.

Lots of people in the press are hating on the showers as just another tawdry place to join the mile high club. I say, if you want to spend $36,000 on two tickets for you and your partner to get in the club, go on with your bad self.

I’d say the real estate for the seats around the showers might drop significantly if you get a few bad singers on your flight.

What do you guys think about this?