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Keeping entertained on the road seems to be a big challenge for some business travelers. Traveling for work is a huge opportunity, provided you aren’t afraid to get out by yourself and do things. There are numerous things that can be thoroughly enjoyed, even solo.

Business travelers the world over fall in to the trap of doing the same thing in every city. They arrive at the hotel, check their email and head to the hotel bar. There, they sit and have several drinks and chat up the other business travelers. Many don’t even leave the hotel bar for dinner. What a shame! Sure, sometimes you don’t want do do anything but order takeout and watch Will & Grace reruns, but more often than not you should have the cajones to get out and explore the city.

Sporting events can be a great way to pass the evenings when you travel for work. If you have the opportunity, take your clients to see a favorite team. Otherwise, score a ticket for yourself and head to the game. A few beers and a hotdog can be expensed as dinner just as easily as eating out.

Theater can be enjoyed alone. You’re absorbed in the play, so you don’t even have to worry about not having anyone to talk to.

There are social networking sites that exist for the sole purpose of connecting with other travelers on the road. TripUp, formerly TripMates, was designed to hook travelers up with local dates or other travelers while on the road. DinnerPoint provides a nightly service for people in cities around the globe to allow travelers to meet, socialize and network over dinner.

In these pages, we’ll give you heaps of information on what to do when you’re ready to redeem miles, the fun you can have with company retreats, keeping in shape while on the road and the business travel special – golf packages.