Fitness on the Road

Travel FitnessKeeping in shape while on the road can be a challenge, but is supremely important. The business travel lifestyle doesn’t often lend itself to healthy living. You eat out all the time, probably have a few more drinks than you would while at home and may not participate in the same amount of physical activity. All that time spent sitting on your…rear end in the rental car or plane certainly isn’t helping either.

Hotel fitness centers are by far the most accessible way to work out available to business travelers. Most of them are small, the equipment isn’t stellar and can be crowded. There are however, some hotels with excellent fitness centers. In addition, there are options like the Gliding Sliding Disk Workout System and the Zenga Sport Gym Kit that are designed for working out in your hotel room. Fairmont Hotels will even loan you workout clothing to get the job done. Many hotels even off spa treatments, like the Wyndham Spa-Fitness Program.

You don’t have to stay in your hotel to keep in shape. Some people buy memberships to nationwide gyms. Other people walk or jog, which is a fantastic way to see a bit of the city while you burn a few calories. Some cities offer walking tours or jogging tours, which can be a fun way to spend your workout. The Minneapolis Airport even offers a walking program, for those of you who are patiently waiting in between flights. Cycling can be a great alternative, as you can find bike rentals in many major cities. Check for interesting options in the city you visit, like Yoga by the Sea in Miami, the Illoiha Climbing Wall (an indoor climbing center) in Tokyo and disk golf.




Eating right is a huge part of the equation. Even if you’re eating fast food, there are healthy options available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Companies like Zone Delivery offer you premade meals that can be delivered directly to your hotel. Airplane food can be terrible, but you can check the airline food calorie guide.

Long haul flights are hell on the body. Illnesses like Deep Vein Thrombosis can affect business travelers, and measures should be taken to prevent such things from happening. There are several things you can do that make the perfect inflight exercises. Clothing like Skins should improve your inflight health as well.

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